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How to get involved

As a member of Karawhiua-Rangatahi Voice Rotorua, you will:
  • Find about about opportunities for Rotorua Rangatahi within the community
  • Receive info on youth specific competitions, wananga, events or projects
  • Job opportunities for young people
  • An opportunity to become a volunteer with us,  learning skills in website development
  • Membership is Free, and your email/contact details will be kept confidential!

Why become a member?

Share your thoughts

Becoming a member will give you special access to opportunities to share your thoughts with key decision makers, this ensures that your perspectives and lived experience help shape the way rangatahi are supported.

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Would you like to become a volunteer to help admin Karwhiua! Rangatahi Voice Rotorua? If so we would love your help! Please contact us for more info on how you can get involved.